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Comprehensive. Customized. Fully Integrated. Security Program

Since 2003 Cramer Security & Investigations, Inc. has been successfully providing our clients with a well trained, organized, and actively supervised security team to protect your organizations people and assets.

The President, Director of Field Operations, and much of our field management are prior law enforcement with most retiring as a West Virginia State Trooper. We are proud of 150 plus years in collective law experience and that has influenced our business style, policies and procedures, and performance expectations.

Our experience is extensive and we will find your vulnerabilities and suggest practical solutions that you can implement immediately to reduce threats to your employees, assets, visitors, and patients.

Cramer Security & Investigations, Inc. will assist you in designing a security program that will fit your individual needs as no two security programs are, or should be, the same.

Throughout West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio; we have management and support personnel conveniently located in your area.

  • I am more than pleased to offer my recommendations of Cramer Security & Investigations if you are searching for a professional and successful company. I have always found Cramer Security to be thorough, detail oriented, and professional in their interaction with myself and other employees. Cramer’s team is made of trustworthy, dependable, hard working employees. Cramer Security can be seen as a step above the rest of the security companies in the surrounding areas.
    ~ Scott VanMeter, Mechel Bluestone


Cramer Security & Investigations, Inc. will tailor a comprehensive security awareness program for your business that will be completed by retired law enforcement officers who are experts about the topics of safety and security.


There are often difficulties in finding balance with security for health care establishments and teaching institutions. Cramer Security & Investigations, Inc. understands the need for a sense of welcoming and openness yet you still need to keep your campus secure. We will design a security program to fit the individual needs of each facility because no two security programs are, or should be, the same.

Physical/Roving Security

Physical security, as defined, describes security measures that are designed to deny access to unauthorized personnel (including attackers or accidental intruders) from physically accessing a building, facility, resource; and guidance on how to design structures to resist potentially hostile acts. Physical security can be as simple as a locked door or as elaborate as multiple layers of barriers, security guards, and guard house placement.